Journal Entry #7

After looking over the guidelines of AIGA and their topic covering ethics and how it truly relates to what is going on in my internship. Now, working with Raul Frank i didn’t official sign some sort of non-disclosure agreement of any kind. The type of internship I’m partaking in is one that contain a lot less restrictions but it most definitely going without saying that i am to respect to use of logo and have the best interest of the business at heart. Along with some of the points they make on AIGA also tend to be some of things i align with. They give mention of not working on projects which provides a conflict of interest with a client or by working with competitors. There is also information on not divulging information on production methods and the business organization. As mentioned before i didn’t officially sign an NDA but the statements are something i genuinely believe to just and fair and abide by, despite not being bound by anything.