Journal Entry #2

Last week I attended a seminar. It was hosted by AIGA, the professional association for design. The AIGA provides a number of benefits. They provide job listings, education of certain design topics and other resources. The seminar I took part in was titled The Emoji Story: A Documentary Screening and Q&A Confirmation. By the title you can tell that it was about the emojis, but it was more than what it seems. For the first hour of the seminar I watched a documentary of emojis. It explained the history of emojis and how much importance they hold. They even walked us through the process of creating an emoji and explained how they may have different meanings depending on certain situations and how they are used. Afterwards, they answered any questions that the people had and had a discussion with Jennifer Lee. She is CEO of Plympton, a literary studio that works on innovative publishing projects. She is also a journalist, documentary producer, seed investor, and emoji activist. This whole seminar came off as really interesting to me as its something I use very often and gave very little thought to. It gives me a lot more insight into something I normally overlook.