As a part-time associate at Downtown, a fast-paced retail environment, I have a learned a great deal about what it takes to run and maintain a business. For the past two years, I have been greatly contributing to the profitability of the retail operation by providing exceptional customer service. The retail environment has allowed me to improve my oral and written communication skills along with developing a good work ethic. I am a reliable, organized and detail-oriented individual who works well under pressure.

These skills were what helped me when maintaining my my job at TGI Fridays as a waitress. The pace was even faster and I had more responsibilities than as a sales associate. I was in charge of four or more tables at any given time during my shift along with getting the food and drinks out to tables across the entire restaurant. For the year that I spent at this location I was able to move up from a waitress position to a bar tender. This was a huge step forward especially because of my school studies in hospitality management; I felt I was getting the full advantage of this new location. My time was cut short here as I was offered a very new and exciting position as a Dinsey College Program Intern where I am currently working and living until August 4th 2016. During my time here I am an Outdoor Vendor for Food and Beverage at Epcot- one of Walt Disney Worlds four theme parks.

I am a very determined individual who wants to pursue a career in hospitality as a event planner. With the help of my education at New York City College of Technology I hope to make this dream a reality.

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."