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Journal Entry #12

On Friday we had a newborn session, there was no computer work because we had to prepare the room and set up for the different sceneries which takes time. Photographing newborns is really easy because they are sleeping half the time. The only downfall is when they pee in the middle of the shot. This particular baby peed on the father when he was holding her and the pictured came out so nice because she was able to capture the parents expression which was hilarious. Mariana likes to take picture in the natural state of the person she doesn’t really like for them to pose she wants to capture the moment the way it really is. It didn’t seem to bother her that the baby went every where, in fact the parents were surprised that she kept  shooting and captured that moment. the picture turned out really nice and now they have a funny moment to add to their album. On average it takes her about three hours to complete a new born session. The first half hour she talks to the parents when they arrive to see what type of clothing they want the baby to wear and what type of setting they would like. They also have to but the baby to sleep because they usually are up when they arrive. Then she does the first session with the baby sleeping, second session with the baby up, and the third session with the parents and the baby sleeping. There is a break in between to feed the baby and put them bak to sleep. She doesn’t photograph newborns that are more than to weeks because they can no longer go into the fetal position correctly and they do not stay still when they are sleeping. She made an exception before and I saw what she was talking about, they are more sensitive to touch so when you try to move them to another position they wake up and start crying. My duty was to change the setting for each and help with the lighting, the wardrobe change and take picture of her photographing.

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