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Journal #6 – Astrid Sarmiento

Astrid Sarmiento

Intern at A.R.T.S.Y Magazine

Yesterday, I had a meeting with the CEO to review and discuss the ideas for our upcoming issue #7 which focuses on music. I notified her that one of the artists that I had pitched in our first meeting had contacted me back and that the interview and photo shoot was a go. So soon I will be interviewing an Electronic House/TRAP Music producer by the name of MattyBoh. I am really excited about this interview because I am a huge of his.

Apart from my meeting with the CEO yesterday, today I have been assigned by the creative director to do some research that will be used as inspirations for photo shoots happening later next month. I was told to search for Renaissance paintings that were very dark and religious something similar to the one of the great Italian Renaissance painters Leonardo da Vinci. So far I have been quite picky in trying to find an image or set of images that will help inspire the creative team. I think part of the issue is because I know how important it is to have really great material in order to become inspired.  Aside from searching Renaissance paintings I was also told to look up every card that is used in the Mexican game similar to bingo called Lotería. I immediately mentioned to the creative director that there is a game play like that in Honduras as well. During my research, I was able to discover some pretty interesting facts and background information on the game. For example, I was able to learn that the game was originally and traditionally started in Mexico and that it is made up of 54 cards. Interestingly, enough I was able to find through my research that a lot of these cards are called out with riddles which help to tell the players which card was drawn. Each of these cards traditionally depicts animals, objects and people. A lot of the riddles in this game I found amusing and entertaining. It was awesome to learn that another country plays a similar game to where my mom is from.

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