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Journal #7 – Astrid Sarmiento

Astrid Sarmiento

Intern at A.R.T.S.Y Magazine

The following assignment for today is to finish off a little bit on what I did last week which was to find out the card names of the game called Lotería.  Today I need to search for all 54 images of each card and I also have to begin designing the YouTube banners for an upcoming video for Mishka, a clothing brand. In order to create these banners, I was told to make seven different variations by using the A.R.T.S.Y typefaces, the brand book and the photos which were sent to me using a program called WeTransfer. I was also given a file of the Mishka Logos and was asked to separate them in Illustrator. I had to convert and have them exported as a png file and later have them saved at 300 ppi. Next, I was told to take the A.R.T.S.Y logo from the brand book and have it drag from a PDF into illustrator.  I had to do the same task here as well. I converted and exported it into a PNG file and later also have it saved at 300ppi. Each of these converted image files was then later email to the person who was taking care of making the video for us. I was also asked to pass the YouTube login information so that he will be able to upload the video. Overall, so far it’s going good in the internship and as time passes I hope to have more tasks where I will be able to learn new things and be part of upcoming projects such as the one taken place currently for our magazine.


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