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Delmar’s J7

Dear Illustra Chronicles,

Seventh entry – I informed Gideon Kendell I also intern at a zoo, before we spoke about drawing animals and get the anatomy of specific animals like horses and llamas. So as an assignment he said draw three animals and sections of there body. I drew the barn animals which consist of sheep, goat and cows. If you ever go feed the barn animals, cows have rough tongues so be prepared to feel nasty, the goats are always attacking the sheep when the feed comes around.

A real test was drawing the Iguana and sting ray, these creatures seem to know I was doing this assignment so they wanted to mess with me moving each time I got focus to draw them and hide behind trees and camouflage themselves. So it has been slow these few weeks drawing what I see and my own work. I completed most of the archiving and photoshop work for Gideons Website. Next week we are working Highlights the illustrated book for kids.

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