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Journal entry #12

This week has been the most tedious of all weeks. Black Friday was right around the corner so I was asked to design two social media Instagram pictures and two website banners. The designs were for the Black Friday promotions as well as the return of the Lip bar’s popular black lipstick Night owl. I was extremely happy I was able to finish the designs before the deadline. In the previous journal entries I discussed the donation campaign Melissa, the founder of the Lip bar,  had set into play. Just to refresh your memory, the goal of this campaign was to generate enough donations from Lip bar clients so the funds can be used to buy a Lip bar truck. On the Lip bar truck clients will be able to try on shades from the Lipstick line as well as make their own formulas on the truck.  This is to ensure that every customer walks away with a shade that suits there skin tone. Every lipstick that was purchased formed a contribution. What I wasn’t aware of was most of the orders had not been shipped out as of yet. I also learned that some of the prepared orders were not finished as well. So guess what was in store for me! From the past days I have been attending my internship it consisted of minor design, but primarily box folding. In total I folded about 110 boxes while Melissa, and Rosco-the creative director, and other interns helped out with the rest. In total 300 boxes had to be assembled and packed with every donators order. The first step was to take wrapping paper and line every box. The second step consisted of taking a white bag, which had the lip bar logo on it, place a business card inside, and a Lip bar pen. The third step consisted of going through every customers order and placing their lipsticks within a small pouch, then placing it in the first bag, wrapping it with the wrapping paper then closing the box. Most of the boxes had the names of the customer on it with the word “Cheers” in front of their names. After all of this tedious work was done 189 orders were finished and shipped. There were only 39 packages left. The last orders were not finished because most of the lipsticks that were in the orders were out of stock, so Melissa had to make some. With the addition of all of this work I received the pictures from last weeks photo shoots. Most of them didn’t come out so great. I am not to pleased about this outcome but there is also a video in the works so maybe I will be able to take some video stills. I just know that was a very long ordeal after I was finished with the day I was tremendously exhausted.

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