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Meetings and Revising the Site

This week, I have been busy working on the website mockups for the site. After the great feedback I had last week, I decided to give it a notch and make the site look much better as it was before. Also, I was given a couple of rules from my boss to keep the style of the site mockups the same but change the colors for the navigation and description box so it looks richer and deep in color. This was the same with legibility and constant sizes for the header and text. Again, I jot down all the information he told me to work on so I would not forget this when I finish this up at home.

My boss went out of the country after our meeting so he can meet and discuss with the director in regards to how the movie was going. This was a perfect chance for me to continue working on the mockups and take my time to ensure it looks great, organized, and legible. Also, he told me in our next meeting he will give me the copy for each page so I can remove the dummy text and put the actual content on the page.

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