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Journal Eleven

     Yesterday, November 19th, 2013, I called in to my intern job and told them I wouldn’t be coming in that day.  I said that I would make up some of the hours by coming in Friday instead.  I thought it was important to work on some portfolio things, especially the website I am coding for that class.  The manager at the intern job told me at the beginning that they would be flexible with me about my hours, and that they would work with me if I needed to do some schoolwork.

So there isn’t much to report except that I almost finished my portfolio website for portfolio class, which I decided to completely redesign and code for that class.  My old site was ridiculously simple to the point to embarrassment.  I have been getting good feedback on the new one.  I tend to think of design or “look” over function, and it is hard for me to think in terms of making something more functional if it seems to lessen the look or design of it.  I also don’t like to make things more functional if it seems to change the “vibe” of the design.  People constantly want me to do this with things I am working on, and though I know that good design has to have good functionality, for some reason it’s hard to make myself care about it.

I also made new business cards, and worked on masking out some parts of it I didn’t want.

Lastly, I want to try to find a good template for interactive PDF’s which I could use for a portfolio.  I have seen people using some good ones lately.


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