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Internship at L&L

This week at my internship at L&L Travel Inc. my supervisor Stanley reviewed my work on the covers for the brochure of West Coast and Yellowstone Park. He gave me a new assignment afterward. He told me to try to design the East Coast and Miami flyer cover pages. He told me to research and study previous designs. He wanted to keep the same designs but change it briefly. I looked at the designs on the computer, and I walked throughout the company looking at the printed versions of the cover page of the destinations.  After researching I started to plan out the cover and how I’m going to lay everything out. I gathered all the references I needed and began to work. I’m currently on my second draft because I scraped the first one since it didn’t go the way I wanted.

This week my experience at my internship was very easy going. This week went by quicker than usual. My workload at my internship felt lighter. I also had some help from other designers and co-workers there on my designs. I had some time to work on my work for Portfolio class during break time, and my supervisor Stanley said it looked nice and clean.  He also said I can print out work on the laser printer there, but for office work only. In conclusion this week was good, and I hope next week will be a continuation of a good experience just like this week and the company.

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