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Journal Post #8 Ant

Today, my Supervisor Al Vargas told me that I might be able to do project for the schools writing book.  The City Tech Writer was a compilation of student essays and writings that expressed the feeling and helped people see the perspective of a city tech student.  My supervisor told me that research the previous editions and to create my own version of the City Tech Writer book cover.  I did the research and saw that many other students used very abstract and colorful pieces.  So I wanted to divert myself and use the history of writing as my concept.  I saw this book as a history lesson on writing in a way and started back from the beginning of writing.  So my concept was to show the history of the writing tools.  I had organized where it looked relaxing and calm.  I also wanted my readers to see immediately what the book was about and what they were getting themselves into.  I first started to look for stock photos and clip art online.  I researched the list of various writing tools and chose the 6 that I saw were the most significant.  The writing tools were the following in oldest to modern: bone, stone, reed, stylus, quill, and the pencil.  I imported each object in Photoshop to clean them up.  I than used the marquee tool to take each object out of their respective files.  I placed each of them horizontally adjacent to each other with the transform tool.  I wanted to give them a sketchy pencil like look to them and chose the complementary colors blue and orange.  Using the filter tool, I choose the pen sketch filter and used the colors blue and white.  The background was orange while the type was blue as well.  This project was very interesting and showed me how important researching and brainstorming can be.

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