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Internship as of 20131023

This week at my internship at L&L Travel Inc., I am still working on the midst of retouching and updating the flyers because there is quite the amount. I have just finished designing the covers for the brochures of West Coast and Yellowstone National Park. My supervisor is too busy to look over my work today, so he told me to email it to him during this week. He will give me feedback, and if there is anything that needs to be revised I’ll fix it then. Today he stopped by the company briefly before leaving in minutes since he had an important meeting to attend to. Mina and I discuss briefly about a newspaper ad that she was designing. Afterward, we then went back to our desk and continued to work on our assigned work. During break time I worked on my work for portfolio class.

My experience on work this week is that I’m starting to feel a bit more comfortable with the environment at the company.  I’m starting to communicate more with the people at the company and my co-workers. I’ve noticed that as I work inside the company my focus level has increased as well as my workload. The article from last week’s assignment talks about brainstorming and its effectiveness. It says that brainstorming does not work, and people comes up with more ideas working alone then coming together to discuss which ideas work.

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