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Journal 9

On October 25, 2013. My supervisor, Yue Chen gave me his feedback on my previous t-shirt design on Fukushima leaking today. He told me the top part of the nuclear bomb explosion shape looks too thick, and everything is out of proportion. I went to my file and changed the stroke of the shape and make it narrow and attached it to the red circle. I found out every time I changed something with the shape of the explosion, I always had to re-draw the drips to match the explosion shape.

After I finished with the shape of the explosion and the drips, I worked on the proportion of the design. First, I changed the size of the Fukushima map smaller, then I played with the direction of the map. I showed to my supervisor after I done, and he said he liked the new drips I had created, but make the drips curve on the red circle. Wow, this part was difficult because it was not just adding a curve line on the map, it also had to feel like it’s a drip. I guess, I had to do more research on “sphere drips” to get some idea how to make my drips to feel that way. I looked at the drips on a ball, and the motion of it as well.

Today, I had completed the requirement of 120 hours field work at the internship site. Supposedly, I’m done with the internship, but I feel there are more things for me to learn. As conclusion, I chose to stay at the internship site but working 5 hours a week instead of 16 hours a week and my supervisor had approved my requirement.

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