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Journal Entry #8

This week The Lip Bar team and I reflected on the event. We discussed what could have been improved as well as brainstormed more ideas for future events. We also spoke about the goals for the Lip bar truck. Since the last time we spoke we only made $2,000 and change. As a result Melissa, the founder of the company, is going to start holding more events so we can increase the amount of donations we’ve been gaining. One event Melissa is going to participate in, in hopes of gaining more donations is IMATS. IMATS, also know as the International Make up artist trade show, is a makeup convention where various Cosmetic companies, as well as cosmetology schools come together within a sizable space to sell and promote both their products and services. There are also makeup application classes, competitions, and makeup discussion panels from famous Makeup artist. So this year on November ninth, and tenth IMATS will be held in Toronto, Canada. Melissa rented out a both to promote her lipstick products and I have been helping out with some minor graphic design work. For starters, I have been in the process of designing a information card that will be handed out to visitors. I am also in the process of designing three lipstick display boards. Melissa is currently working with another Graphic Artist to make three banners for the Lip Bar booth. If the Graphic designer does not finish them in time Melissa might also throw this project my way. This is seriously a lot of preparation work.

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