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Journal Post 10/09/13

This week the Marketing Manager of our sister company, Netmining, received a new Marketing Executive who will directly be helping her with her duties. Turns out I will be working with her as well, developing new one sheets and presentation slides. As far as events I was asked to make minor edits to the JD Power email invites as well as edits for the Client Summit material for the printers.

The Business Development Associate of our sister company, Netmining, emailed me stating let me know that she is very pleased with how the Infographic template came together. I was able to sit with her and show her how to easily make changes and adjustments so she will be able to use it with any client that comes by even after I am gone.

Other than that it was a pretty slow week. Thursday and Friday were the days of the Client Summit so both my Marketing Director and Marketing Executive for IgnitionOne were off at New Orleans. Leaving me with a relaxing Thursday and the day off for Friday. Surprisingly I had received a email from the Marketing Executive showing off the printed version of the agenda book. She informed me that everything looked great and that they wish I could see it. The biggest highlight was receiving the picture of the Client Summit logo up on the big screen in a Superdome. Definitely an achievement if I do says so myself.

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