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Journal Post 10/16/13

Seeing as I had taken Monday off, I can say Tuesday was a pretty busy day. Nothing too exciting just more one sheets and slides that needed to be branded. Most of which, if not all, were for Netmining. The biggest day was on Friday.

The Executive Assistant had emailed me with an interesting request. She asked for me to put together some graphics of inspirational quotes to put on the wall around the office. Apparently this was a request directly from the CEO of the company. Sadly though, the only direction for design I was able to receive was “make them look cool” and that I have “full creative license”. Not the best working conditions unfortunately. The two quotes I was instructed to use were “Act like an owner” and “Execute with urgency”. Trying to wrap my head around a decent design the entire day I sent over about six drafts for them to look over. Now it’s just a matter of awaiting feedback.

Other than that it was a typical week of branding one sheets and editing slides. Nothing to extraordinary.

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