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Journal 6

This week I needed to finish 10 pages album design and continue work on the invitation card. I showed the drawing which I was done in Illustrator last week to my supervisor. He liked the style and the drawing. He said there were some places needed adjustments. He asked me to change the stork to brush stork, change another pink dress, and give some make up to the cartoon bride. I decided to redraw the dress first. I went to Google look for some references, downloaded some dress as samples. And then I placed into the illustrator and traced it with pen tool. Even adjustment, I spend half working day to finish up the drawing. After my supervisor proofed my drawing, I started design the layout of the invitation card. The background color I decided to use pink. I think it match the wedding atmosphere and the drawing. I placed the image to the right side in the invitation card, and the information and texts were on the left side. The whole concept idea was inspirited from the post card ideas. The whole text I use both script font and san serif. My supervisor liked my idea after I showed him my design. After I done the invitation card, I went back to my new album design. This album needed to handle lots of photos. Each page needed to fill at least 7 images. After these weeks, I thought my album design skill got some improve. I have confident that I can handle this challenge.

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