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5st Journal

For this week, I feel getting more and more easy to work as an intern designer in L&L.

George didn’t give too much assignment to me this week, he only asked me to do the retouch and edit some of the old brochures. I feel bored to spend the whole week to doing those, since the first two weeks have different projects to work on. So I decide to ask George about anything projects that he needs me to follow up instead of doing such boring editing jobs. George said me that I need to have more practices to improve my Adobe skills before start any new projects. So that, I keep on editing the old brochures, even I feel this is boring. However, I can see different design styles from them since those brochures designed by different designers. Also, I can see there is many ways to edit or redo it since the idea may need to update, the text style can be change to a better way. Some of the brochures need to comminute with original designers, I have learn different kinds of knowledge during the commination.

This week is not busy, but I feel I have learn a lot from different designers, they have share their experiences to me, I can see there is not easy to be a professional designer.


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