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Anton Journal #5

During my internship i finally got to meet another intern in my section.  His name was Alonzo Nelson and it was great to see him.  I had joined him in previous classes and it was awesome to see a familiar face.  Once we both got together our supervisor Al Vargas called us both in for a “brain storming” session.  We discussed what technology is when people hear, see, or think about technology.  The reason for our thoughts was because he wanted to start a campaign on re-branding out school.  Changing the way incoming students saw us and what freshmen had already saw us as.  We talked about the schools we signed up for and what school accepted us.  We spoke about why we decided on this particular college and what the major factors that attracted us to where we are now.  We discussed the positives, the negatives, and the unknown; details about the school that we ourselves did not even know of.  We had a wall and we drew up a web linking reasons why students would want to visit and attend City Tech.  Any details or words that we thought about that described the college, we had a pack of sticky notes and we posted it on the wall.  We soon wrote up a set of questions for a survey.  The survey had weird questions but also had questions that we discussed, questions about what each person’s view on technology and what type of objects, colors, people, places technology would be.  After the session we went off to do our own research.

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