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“Journal FIve”

Journal Five

     I worked all day yesterday, October 8, 2013, as usual, at the graphics office of the District Attorney’s office.  In the morning there was as usual, a lot of board cutting and mounting work to do.  It seems about half of the work they do involves things like this, and presentations for the courtroom for the various lawyers who come into the office.

After that, tried to continue working on a seal for the District Attorney.  I finished it, for the most part, and then was asked to scan and print some more items.  I got some of them printed, but once again, missed some of the steps, and didn’t do it correctly.  Another person in the office came over and helped me do it.  I thought I had written down everything I needed, but I hadn’t.  I tried to write down the things I was missing.  There are about 20 steps you need to do this correctly, and they have to be done in an exact order.  It was embarrassing to, for the second time, need help to do this scanning and printing job.  I told the man who helped me, to give me a couple of things I could do to practice it, so that the next time I was asked to scan and print, I would be able to do it.  I don’t want to be asked again, and not be able to do it.  I didn’t follow up on this though until the end of the day, at which point he was sort of busy.  I told him I might come in the next day to practice, or if not, that I would like to do it the next week when I came back.  The problem is, to really go through all of the steps, you need to actually print out things, and they don’t really want you to print anything except that which they really need.

In the afternoon, I showed another person in the office a designed resume I was trying to do, along with a logo for the senior project.  He came me some advice for both of them.  We then talked about some techniques on Photoshop and on the design business in general.  It was good to be able to ask him some questions about the business, as he had been involved in it for quite a while.  He also interesting, because after receiving a bachelor’s degree in design, he went to graduate school and  got a master’s degree in fine art.

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