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Journal #3

With Ressler, the new site is up and running. It launched last week – and though I’m less than happy with the design, I’m glad it’s up. I added an analytics account to the WP dashboard, and I was thinking of having a brief analytics tutorial with Mr. Ressler and the Office Manager – I think the additional info analytics provides could prove useful to the company.

I don’t know that much about analytics, really just the basics. I’ve really just been able to provide companies with sort of an introduction to it. With the larger companies that have it on their sites – it’s very interesting to look at everything it provides. Somewhat creepy – but interesting. However, I don’t think I’ll be looking at a future as an SEO guru, because though I find it interesting – I don’t know that I find it that interesting. I would however love to learn more coding. I really seem to enjoy it, and I find it very useful…and sort of -innovative? I don’t know that thats the right word there, but I enjoy how, if you know what you’re doing with it – you can really use it to do whatever you want. It’s incredibly fascinating, the things you can do with code now. I like doing design as well – but I find design work very, very hard. I don’t know that I’ll ever be an amazing designer. Their are so many of them – and the good ones are very, very good. But I do sort of enjoy handling the design and the markup stuff.

Thinking about goals with one of the class assignments – I think my overall goal is to be a front-end designer. They still get to do design, but handle a lot of the coding as well…which sounds lovely to me. I’m still not absolutely certain what sort of organization I would love to work for. I have years of experience working with Non-Profits – one that I especially enjoyed working for was the San Francisco SPCA (such an awesome organization). I do like working with Non-Profit orgs, however, the money can be an issue…especially at this point (with massive student loans to repay!). Sometimes I think about working with a tech company, and I think this might prove itself very interesting. Intimidating, but interesting. And I would learn so much! What would be awesome would be a Non-Profit Tech organization with a lot of money…I would love to work with them! 🙂

Other goals for the remainder of this year through the Spring Semester of 2014 are really to finish the semesters with A’s. And starting in December (at the end of this semester), I need to find a full-time job. Other than these, I really need to wrap up the work with SMI and finish up with Ressler.

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