{About Me}

My first semester at NYCCT as a transfer student started from Spring 2016. I originally attended the College of Staten Island. I majored in Fine Arts, but in City Tech I majored in Communications Design. I’m heavily inspired by many animators, fine arts designers, and fashion designers. Notable examples of influences would include:

Animators: Domics, Nevercake, Scurb, and Egoraptor.

Fine arts designers: 

  •  Motoi Yamamoto (sculptures and installations handmade from salt then destroyed and released back into the sea)
  • Barruntando (Ame, Mayte, Eva, Ana, Lola are all creators within the shop found in Etsy of handmade ceramic goods)
  • AgnesCecile of Youtube. (Silvia Pelissero is a self taught artist renowned for her watercolor and acrylic works)
  • Lena Danya of Youtube (Musician and artist)
  • Jill Bliss (Designs postcards and journals based on her inspirations from nature)

Fashion Designers/Makeup Artists:

  • Emilie Autumn (creates her own ensembles inspired from the Victorian Era and Baroque)
  • GlamNGore’s Mykie of Youtube (SFX makeup artist)
  • Klaire De Lys (SFX makeup artist and musician)
  • Priscilla Hernandez (Independent singer, songwriter, illustrator, and sews her own costumes)

Musical Influences: 

  • Kenichiro Nishihara (Jazz & hip hop)
  • Nujabes (Instrumental hip hop & jazz)
  • Phildel (Neoclassical pop & alternative pop)
  • DJ Okawari (Instrumental hip hop & jazz)
  • Chet Faker (Electronica, house, and alternative R&B)

Other Notable Web Artists:

  • The Oatmeal (Matthew Inman’s site of webcomics and parodies of puns)
  • ILoveCoffee.jp (Inman’s girlfriend, Ryoko Iwata who also designs webcomics and her blog for her love of coffee)

I am a newbie in my field of study, but I do hope to refine my skills and interests to solidify my goals and aspirations. I want to be an illustrator or at least an animator one day. I would prefer studying 2D animations because simplicity is best in my eyes. I may seem like an introvert at school, but when I am in an area of comfort, I will be open to talk and be at ease. Also, my art style changes and varies depending on the type of drawing I am doing. I hope to improve my artwork not immediately, but at least gradually.

If you’ve noticed you’ve seen ‘potatoes’ everywhere on this e-portfolio, yes, I have an undying love for potatoes. Pages are going to be kept to date eventually once I sort everything together.


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