COMD1100, D106

31 August 2016

Assignment: Response to “Where Fish Sticks Swim Free and Where Chicken Nuggets Self-Dip”

Credited to Robert Stolarik.
Credit: Robert Stolarik (Photo)

 In this article written by Melena Ryzik, she explores the installation by Banksy has created to express his views on factory farming. It was open as a public display with unrealistic expectations of animals. It makes us ponder if we value an animals’ purpose in life. For the entire display, it reminded me of how people take things for granted like beauty products using animals for testing – although many brands are cruelty-free and vegan now. Also as for the food images, most of them speak for themselves.

The chicken nuggets image really caught my attention because of mass production of food farming is bad for our environment and it’s is a slaughterhouse, but is it ethical? It’s not to point fingers and say we should all go vegetarian nor vegan, but it does help project a new light in how we see food farming in general. It’s not that public doesn’t care about the lives of animals, we as consumers have such demands that can harm the cycle of our own environment. We don’t think often about it because life is short and we all have individual goals. Often, we don’t really pay attention to how things are manufactured or processed to meet our demands.