Figure Ground & ♪ Music Notes ♫

Sure, music notes and rests can be on a figure ground because the staff or the lines are the background. The notes and rests can act as a foreground. Also we’re not limited to how much diversity in how many notes or rests may be on the lines, between the lines, or under the lines.

Cont. for CDMG1111, D313~

I think I just ran out of “space” for that one sole page because I couldn’t enter anymore text after pasting my images. Didn’t think it was possible. I could be wrong, but what’s done has been done.


Assignment: Pictures of Brooklyn 


If you’ve seen this before, it’s from my Yelp account. I’m not stealing someone else’s pictures, I promise. This was taken at the Shore Road Promenade near the American Veteran’s Memorial Pier. 


This was a lovely cat that was stray I saw in Bay Ridge walking up 5th avenue. 

72nd st bridge
Taken on a sunny day at the 72nd St 7th avenue crossing to the other side of 7th avenue (I only recently found out there were two whilst locating my friend’s house).


I named this pigeon, “Meatloaf” because it sat in meatloaf position much like a cat or a bunny. Don’t worry it wasn’t hurt or anything, I assure you folks. I was bird feeding around Dyker Heights.



Sunrise II

This is a sunrise from my window.

These are some window view shots I took in my apartment.

Blue Vintage Car | Art Collaboration: {May Highlights}

A group of artists and I decided to collaborate and we used a reference off Google Images, but I lost the link. We didn’t go too full in detail because this was a time span of ~2 hours.



Old members of and I collaborated with a referenced image, but we ran out of ink so detail isn’t very defined. We weren’t assigned certain roles, but we all shared the ink layer. RMD has a system where ink is held at 100% and after a certain amount of strokes or usages, the ink will be depleted. No further action is allowed unless you submit this art piece to the site exceptions of clearing the entire image. Also there are no ‘undo’ buttons so if there was a mistake, we’d have to overwrite the error. My contribution is particularly low, but I think these artists also need more views.

You can view the full time lapse:

Also if anyone is willing to join the RMD site, please do. The community definitely needs to showcase digital graphic artists.

You had me at “Hello”.

So you’re probably wondering what you’re doing here looking at a (blank) page staring hard enough to ponder the bane of my existence. Fear not, ladies and gentlemen!

I come in peace to add some quirky (derp) moments in people’s lives. Check back later for a better introduction, I suppose.

Tl;dr – Quirky introvert likes potatoes. Below is an image of me.


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