Cont. for CDMG1111, D313~

I think I just ran out of “space” for that one sole page because I couldn’t enter anymore text after pasting my images. Didn’t think it was possible. I could be wrong, but what’s done has been done.


Assignment: Pictures of Brooklyn 


If you’ve seen this before, it’s from my Yelp account. I’m not stealing someone else’s pictures, I promise. This was taken at the Shore Road Promenade near the American Veteran’s Memorial Pier. 


This was a lovely cat that was stray I saw in Bay Ridge walking up 5th avenue. 

72nd st bridge
Taken on a sunny day at the 72nd St 7th avenue crossing to the other side of 7th avenue (I only recently found out there were two whilst locating my friend’s house).


I named this pigeon, “Meatloaf” because it sat in meatloaf position much like a cat or a bunny. Don’t worry it wasn’t hurt or anything, I assure you folks. I was bird feeding around Dyker Heights.



Sunrise II

This is a sunrise from my window.

These are some window view shots I took in my apartment.