SeqArtKids at FF: Session Two

Session Two: Senses

During week two, we reviewed the five senses with students and what they perceive beauty as. Students were asked to fill out a questionnaire asking their five senses. After helping student in the class room, majority of student figured out at least 4/5. Touch/feel was the most unknown sense for these six year olds. Out of the whole questionnaire, student could not really define beauty. Majority of male student wrote “I don’t know” and majority of the female students wrote “pretty”. Main objective was to teach them beauty is an endless list of qualities or what you see yourself see it as. It can be defined in any way and there is no wrong answer.

Moving forward in the class since Valentine’s day was approaching, we read a book to the students on different feelings called “In My Heart: A Book of Feelings (Growing Hearts).” Each student had to draw in their drawing pads how their heart was feeling. Most students were feeling happy and drew a cheerful heart. A student, Caleese, drew her heart happy and along side she drew herself hugging the heart. Once this task was complete, they were given hearts and cards to paste, draw and write in for their Valentine. I had drawn an example and put it up on the Smart board for students to have a reference. Of course students needed help with their spelling and that was the biggest thing with writing how you feel and a card for valentine’s day. It was a consistent task having multiple students at a time seeking help. Eventually I had just written in my sketch pad the main words they needed help with such as: “dear, valentines, angry, from”. This way if multiple students needed help with spelling I was able to just reference to my sketch pad and have them copy it.

At the end of each session, I must take pictures of the students artwork and through out class, of them learning. These pictures are essential for our grant, fellowships, and to be funded as a non-profit organization. I then edit those images in photoshop and then add a boarder + the FF logo using InDesign to each image.