Franklin Furnace: SeqArtKids Session 3 + Day in the FF Office

Session Three: Memory

During week three, trying to get each student to all stay attentive after being on the playground was the challenge. We wanted to use as much time as possible to give them enough time to get to the drawing activity. We read a book to Miss Montagna’s class called “The Delicious: The Life and Art of Wayne Thiebaud” which discusses and shows how Wayne Thiebaud expressed his memory through art. Following this, we asked the students to share a memory they have had in the past. We also asked them to what a pattern is and how to identify patterns. Leiman shared a story of the time he went to the pizzeria with his grandfather. Max shared a story of the time he went to the mall with his family. Peyton shared a story of the time she went to iHop for her birthday. After hearing some of the student’s memories, we had them close their eyes to get a strong visual of their memory they plan on drawing. Once they’ve gotten the visual of their memory, students begin to draw in landscape perspective. As each session passes, I gain more insight on how to be an art teacher and how to deal with children.

In the FF Office:

After teaching at PS20, I must head to the office to make copies of the children’s work. I must write journal entries on each session as well. I must criticize each lesson and the overall program and give feedback for improvement.


I am grateful for both opportunities as an Assistant Art Teacher for SeqArtKids and as a Graphic Designer under Globescope. Along with already doing Graphic Design for Franklin Furnace. I have and get to continue advancing my skills with communications, InDesign, arts + crafts, and developing creative skills.