SeqArtKids at Franklin Furnace: Session One

Session One: Self-Portraits

FF has a SeqArtKids program where we visit schools in Fort Greene such as P.S20 that do not have art classes or teacher. It is a 10 week program where I will be assisting Miss Rogers during lectures, helping student with spelling, and developing imagination and artistic skills further During session one of ten, we introduced self-portraits to the students of P.S. 20 (first grade class). The class begun on the rugs as we asked the students what a portrait was. The responses we got did confirm they knew a portrait was of an individual. They were given mirrors to admire and observe themselves. We encouraged them when they did their self-portraits to not forget to add elements that represented them. Also, we discussed what negative space is and to try to keep the page full of colors with no blank space. A student, Max, is a big fan of the cartoon Ben 10 and made sure to represent that by adding a Ben 10 wrist watch to his self-portrait. Another student, Ikará wanted to represent how much she loves the color pink by shading her shirt that color on her self-portrait. The objective was teaching students about portraits and what we can identity about a person from it.