1. From your 3 original Project Proposals, select the one that you feel strongest about (as that will be your project for the entire semester).
  2. Refine the proposal, use the questions supplied in homework 1 to help you.
  3. Write your manuscript. Remember successful picture books use very few words, some are even “wordless”. Most manuscripts come in under 800 words. An important point to remember is that the words are there as a prompt to move your stories forward in time, and they are also there to help explain complex ideas that are not readily translated through pictures. As your writing the story, try to “write” it with the illustrations in mind. Don’t waste words on something that can be shown in pictures!
  4. Start sketching out you main characters, and the world they inhabit. If it takes place in a specific time or place then research.
  5. Thumb-nailing the project as you’re writing is another way of helping you to envision the action, and reducing the amount of words you will need to tell your stories.
  6. See RESOURCES below for a PDF to help you write your stories.
  7. Completed Proposals and Manuscripts may be uploaded to our class Drop Box as a PDF document. Upload them to the folder labeled Homework 2.
  8. Label the PDF files: lastname_hmwk2.pdf
  9. Drop Box Info: Login Name: comd3633@gmail.com / Password: citytech