We will be working on one major project this semester, think of it as a dry run for Senior Project or a real life scenario for a freelance illustrator. It will consist of several parts which will culminate in a proposal suitable for submission to a book publisher.

Homework 1


  1. Continue brainstorming ideas for your own picture book project.
  2. Select the best 3 ideas and create a formal proposal condensing each one into a 2-3 sentence elevator pitch.
  3. Answer these questions for each of the 3 ideas:

a.   Title of the Project. Include the tentative title and subtitle for your project.

b.   Concept (MANIFESTO) – In one or two short paragraphs explain the idea behind the project. (The central theme).

c.    Research the market:

I. Are there similar books in print?

II. How would your book be different?

III. Why are you the one to write/illustrate this book?

d. Genre: What type of book is this?  (Fairy Tale, History, Informational, etc.)

e. Who is the Target Audience for this picture book?

f. Why is this topic important to your target audience, and why do you think there is a market for such a book?

g. Include an About the Author – This is the part about you indicate why you are the best person to create this book. What are your special qualifications? Only include what applies to your subject matter. Don’t be afraid about bragging here.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding the role of the illustrator within the picture book industry.
  2. Understanding the current children’s book market and its genres.
  3. Understanding where ideas come from.
  4. Understanding the importance of researching the picture book market.
  5. Understanding how to create an Elevator Pitch for a picture book.
  6. Understanding how to write a Book Proposal.

Due Date

  • Next Thursday, September 3, 2020.


This assignment should be created as a PDF. Don’t forget to include your name.

***Label the PDF files:  last name_hmwk1.pdf

Upload this PDF to folder labeled Homework 1 in DropBox.

Go to: Dropbox.com

Login Name: comd3633@gmail.com

Password: citytech

Grading Rubric

No proposal rubric, just be original.


  • Attached is a PDF of some points to consider as you write your proposals.
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