Course Number: COMD 3633 – OL64

Course Title: Advanced Strategies in Illustration

Course Description:

We will be spending this semester preparing to enter the professional world of book Illustration. This class will be a combination of lectures, studio, and out-of-class work.

This picture book illustration course will allow you to learn from personal insights, developed over years of practical experience in the children’s book industry, and is invaluable for anyone contemplating entering the field. Delivered by an award winning children’s book illustrator and art director with forty years experience in the industry, this introductory book illustration course covers creative elements of picture book illustration, including interpreting a manuscript, developing thumbnails, refining sketches, producing a book dummy, and producing final artwork.

During this course you will develop a book dummy; finished cover illustration; and 3 finished book spreads. Key elements of the publishing industry are also covered, giving participants insight into the collaborative relationship between illustrator, editor and designer. Finally, avenues to publication are explored including self-promotion, creating a sample package for publishers and involvement with like-minded organizations and colleagues.

Credits / Hours: 3 credits/3.5hrs.

Section Number: 26429

Pre/Co-requisites: ENG 1121 and COMD 2400 or department permission.

Class Meetings

Online Space(s):

  • Add link OpenLab Course
  • We will be meeting weekly via Zoom (conferencing invitations will be sent to students email weekly).

In-person Location:

  • This is an Online Course.

Faculty Information

Professor(s) Name:

  • Anthony Accardo

Online Office Hours/Information:

  • Thursdays 2:00pm-4:00pm. Email for zoom appointment.

In-person Office Hours/Location:

  • There will be no In-person meetings until further notice.

Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Cell Phone: 718-501-7729 (for texting/not to be abused!)