Opposing Forces

Cold Clasp Bay 50th Street 18th Feb 2014

Cold Clasp
Bay 50th Street 18th Feb 2014

I snapped this photo of this cloudy sky on the 18th of February. During a stop on 50th street, while riding the D train, I peered out to the sky only to notice the branches obscuring my view. I immediately remembered my photography assignment, and seized this photo. The stark contrast between the branches and the white-washed backdrop highlight the sharp rigid shape of the branches. They portray claw like imagery, clasping the sky, branches dominate the image, symbolizing entrapment. However I would like highlight the viewpoint of the photographer, and place you, the viewer in that position. Doesn’t it appear that you’re caged in, surrounded by the branches peering out to the sky? This photo reminds us that Mother Nature grips us, we can’t escape her control.

You can't contain me! Dublin Zoo, Ireland. April 29th 2010.

Fiery Will
Dublin Zoo, Ireland. April 29th 2010.

I snapped this photo back at home, in Ireland during a school trip to Dublin Zoo. All the animals were ecstatic when we approached them, however this lion remained resolute. She appears resolved in her predicament. Wire fencing litters the entire frame of the photo, trapping the lioness. This is man’s attempt at capturing nature, and controlling her. The dominant soothing green colours of her habitat juxtapose with her fiery orange fur. This symbolizes a contrast between the lioness’ character with the trait of the green lush vegetation.

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  1. I approve of this photo. Good compositions–these should yield a fine comparison.

    Prof. Scanlan

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