Patchy Sky


Denise A, March 17, 2014

Taken on the corner of Willoughby Avenue and Marcus Garvey Boulevard in Brooklyn, NY, the moon stood whole and bright in the sky in the center of this photo. My camera was unable to capture the moon in it’s complete form but the light it produced did justice. There is a street light right outside if the photo’s frame that providing an orange hue on the left side. It’s rare that I see clouds and a full moon in an interesting setting, such as this one, so I had to take a photo. The clouds further away from the moon seemed patchy, as if they’ve broken away from each other. But the clouds closer to the moon seemed as if they were more connected. This photo looks like it could be apart of a dream yet is very realistic and somewhat gloomy. And the buildings and how they’re shaped raises the reality effect tremendously.

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  1. I approve of this photo. Interesting composition, though a little odd to cut the buildings in half.

    Prof. Scanlan

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