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My name is Cindy Montesdeoca and preferred pronouns are She/Her. Born and raised in Queens, New York, I am 28 years old, Ecuadorian and a full -time student at CityTech. I am currently in my Senior year pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Human Services.  I hope to make a difference in the world by becoming a clinical mental health therapist specialized in working with young children and adolescents. I, also have a daughter who is the light of my life, her name is Isla Rose and is 2 years old.  My favorite movies are Titanic, Inception and the dark knight. I watch all types of different movies and don’t really have a favorite movie genre. The only thing I cannot do is horror and gory movies, I’m a complete chicken they scare me and gross me out.  Sometimes, I have to bite the bullet and watch them because they are my boyfriend’s favorite so I’ll have a blanket and pillows to shield me.

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  1. Caroline Chamberlin Hellman

    Hi Cindy,
    What a terrific introduction, rife with fun language. We have a number of cool parents in the class and I tip my hat to you all.
    We’re in the same boat with avoidance of gore– my partner is able to completely compartmentalize extreme violence in art and I’m still working on that. I like your shield technique. I’ve worked with several profs from the Human Services Dept and I have great appreciation for the program and career path.

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