• 2 pages single spaced, 12 font; copy and paste to OpenLab  July 1
  • It is fine to consult the course texts or films as you prepare your essay, though quotes/minute detail not necessary
  • Do not consult websites or outside sources
  • Do not read your classmates’ posts before you write your own. The key here is to express your original ideas. After you post, you may be interested in reading your classmates’ reflections on this period of online learning, and comparing experiences

In a 4 paragraph essay (intro, 2 body paragraphs, conclusion),  discuss two text&film pairings from class. What do they have in common with each other? How do they differ? Extra Credit option: write an additional (3rd) body paragraph that discusses Baldwin, Coates, and Peck’s work (see info below).

In a separate final paragraph labeled REFLECTION, please reflect on what you have learned in this class in terms of subject matter, as well as how you feel about the asynchronous delivery and course modality. Please also include a bit here about your experience this past year taking courses online.  For reference, I am sharing with you an article I wrote in May 2020– my own feelings about online coursework have evolved since then, and I’d like to learn about your thoughts and experiences ( I care, and your feedback is so important to know as the college plans for the future).