Charles Chaplin “ The Immigrant”

My response as a viewer after watching the short movie “ The Immigrant,” by Charles Chaplin is that is incredible that this short film was created in 1917  and all these Chaplin’s moods and scenarios that are presented, nowadays are still happening to immigrant people. Consequently, the emotions and reactions that I had while I was watching it were of nostalgic, and sadness because this short film reminds me when I emigrated from El Salvador to the United States and even though we had the lucky that we entered to the country legally, we felt worried because we did not know what the life or destiny was preparing us. Furthermore, I liked the film because how difficult can be emigrate to the United States and how difficult can be at the beginning. However, I did not like the last part when Chaplin wanted to get married the woman even though all the problems that they were going through.


“Home” by Warsan Shire

As a reader I respond to this poem that it is amazing because as the author wrote no body leave home unless must leave home. My reactions to this poem are fear and sadness because while I was reading this poem reminds me how beautiful is my native country El Salvador and how dangerous can be at the same time. Furthermore, reminds me how difficulty can be the life here in the United States for Immigrant people and no body wants to leave home but in most cases they must do it. Besides, the particular quote that was compelling to me was  the quote that was in the lines number 24-28 “ No one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land. No one burn their palms under trains beneath carriages.” This quote is compelling to me because while I was reading it reminded me people that emigrate in boats from Cuba to The United States and all the risk that they are taking. Furthermore, the quote “ No one burn their palms under trains beneath carriages,” this quote reminds me people that is trying to come from South, Central America or Mexico  to the United States and trying to get on a train they lost a part of their body, or they lost their life.


Large-Landscape Question


We study humanities because we can create a better world because through this study we can get knowledge of art, music, movies. At the same time, we could be able to produce them. Furthermore, in my opinion we must study humanities because become wider our knowledge and topics of conversation with more people or the demonstration of skills. Open us the opportunity of get into more social groups. Furthermore, we watch films to get entertained, to learn life lessons,  and to appreciate art.