Hello, my name is Justin Pope and my preferred pronouns are he/him/his. I was born in Manhattan, New York and am currently living in the Bronx. I am majoring in Computer Systems Technology and I have been interested in learning programming because I enjoy technology and use my computer all the time. My favorite movie genres are action and horror, because of the tension and adrenaline rush. One of my favorite horror movies is The Conjuring (2013) directed by James Wan. I like the movie because it’s a simple haunted house concept that managed to keep me scared for most of it, even though the concept itself is not original. I thought the movie had great atmosphere, was well acted, and had an effective mix of scares.

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  1. Caroline Chamberlin Hellman

    Hi Justin,
    Welcome! You did a great job here describing the appeal of horror films and the atmosphere evoked by the set, dialog, and elements of surprise and fright. I appreciate your phrasing here: “an effective mix of scares.” 🙂 Have you ever been to City Tech’s Haunted Hotel (run by the Entertainment Technology Dept? They usually have the immersive experience in the neighborhood of Halloweeen… I want to check it out. Happy to be working with you.

    • Justin Pope

      No, I have never been to the haunted hotel, but I am willing to visit it some time. I’m happy to be working with you as well.

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