Date: Monday, 4/25/22, 2-3:40pm
Meeting Info: In-person, N-1007
Heads up: the Midterm will take place this Wednesday 4/27 in class.
Heads up: Exam 1 attempt 3 will take place next Wednesday 5/4 after class.

To-Do Before Class





  • Explore the definition of trigonometric functions through two fundamental pictures (right triangles and the unit circle)
  • Examine the differences between solving equations and verifying identities, especially as applied to trigonometric identities.


Today’s lecture material will come from the the lesson Trigonometry – Functions, Equations, and Identities.

To-Do After Class

  • Study for the Midterm, taking place on Wednesday 4/27.
  • Study for Exam 1 third attempt, taking place next week on Wednesday 5/4 (after class).

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