Reitz | MEDU 3000 | D200 | Spring 2022

Midterm postponed until April 27th (after Spring Break)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience – I know it has been a trying day. CUNY’s Chancellor sent an email just now, and I pass along his advice: “If you are struggling to overcome anxiety and fears that were sparked by today’s event, I urge students to contact your campus counseling center or make use of the other services outlined here.”

I know from personal communications that many of you are feeling understandably anxious. Because of this, I have made the decision to postpone the midterm to Wednesday, April 27th.

Tomorrow, class will take place on campus as usual – we will focus on midterm review. Please let me know if you are not able to make it.

Note that the upcoming Exam 1 attempt 3 will take place as scheduled on Wednesday 5/4 (after class) – one week after the midterm.

Be well,
Prof. Reitz

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  1. Qing Chen(Charlotte)

    Thank you for understanding. Keep safe, Professor Reitz!!

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