Week 11 Assignments

Written work, Due Tuesday, November 18th, in class
Chapter 10 p167: 1, 2, 10, 15
Chapter 10 p167: 25, 28, (extra credit: 30).*
* Plus additional problem(s) not in book, to be assigned in class 11/13
WeBWorK – none
OpenLab – OpenLab #10 due Thursday, November 20th at the start of class

NOTE: I updated the Written work to include the assignment announced Tuesday as well as the one from Thursday – yes, both assignments are from Chapter 10.

2 thoughts on “Week 11 Assignments

    1. Great question! These are imaginary problems, that existed only in my mind for a short time early in the week. Then I came to my senses, and they disappeared. That in mind, you only need to complete the problems from the book.

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