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  1. “Doodling in Math class: stars “…… this video is about drawing stars by putting any numbers of Points and trying to connect these points together to get a star, and that the more points you put, the more different ways you can draw a star. And the way she did that was by drawing “p” points in a circle evenly spaced and then picking a number “ q” and starting at one point and go around the circle to connect the points until you get your star.

“Doodling in math class: Squiggle Inception” …. This video is about making squiggles out of squiggle until she filled out the whole page and it can be extended infinitely.

“Doodling in Math Class: Triangle Party”…. This video is about drawing triangles and that everything is made of triangle. The essence of two dimensionality, the three points that define a plane, they are just made up of triangles.

“Doodling in Math class Infinity elephants”…  This video is about drawing any shape you like and start filling it with circles all over until the whole shape if filled.


2. These videos are wonderful. The video ““Doodling in Math class Infinity elephants” was very interesting to watch.  I was totally confused watching this video because she talked really fast but ,  I was also so surprised of how can she make this great connection between her doodles and math. I was really inspired of how creative and smart she is . I learned a lot of things from watching this video, but one of the most important things that I learned is that math isn’t about memorizing formulas and following steps. we could be very creative in math by inventing new ideas that will make it more fun and more easy. the question that I have after watching the video is how did she come up with all these ideas because this was inspiring to me.

3. I think this video was inspiring to me. It had a great connection with math from the way she draws the shapes to filling them with circles. I think it is also very relevant to the work that I do in some of my classes. Sometimes when I do not understand something in any of my classes I start doodling by drawing flowers or hearts all over the page but I never thought that some of these drawing could have a connection to math. I also think there is a huge connection between Vi-Hart and Lockhart’s Lament because they both have the same ideas in different ways. Lament thinks math is not about memorizing and following formulas , it is about creating your own formula , which is the same idea as Vi- Hart, she created her own way of math by doodling .