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part 1)

this video talked about arranging  snake fragments into desired shape or length.

this video was interesting it talked about the Pythagorean theorem and the life of  Pythagoras.


this was a funny video but it talked it about how kids are given the wrong information about some mathematical concepts, like the Fibonacci sequence she says that spongebob’s pineapple house is not really a pineapple because  it doesn’t follow the Fibonacci sequence.

part 2)

the video on “How to snakes” was a very interesting video. I saw the video at least five times just understand what she was trying to prove. The reason I like this video is because I feel that it is somehow related to Pascal’s triangle, when she showed one can arrange the snake so it can have two or more heads it look a lot like Pascal’s triangle which was very interesting because her explanation can be a good way to introduce Pascal’s triangle in a fun way. This was inspiring to me because it made me look at math in a fun way meaning that I don’t have to see it as just as numbers and formulas.

part 3)

I think that this video has a lot to do with math because it shows a relationship between the snakes fragments and Pascal’s triangle. I believe that this is a way of teaching math in a more calm and easy approach rather than giving students formulas or rules to follow which will cause them (like me ) to forget or not memorize it. I think that this relevant to the work that we are doing in the classroom because we are trying to prove conjectures and state whether it is true or false. I think that Vi Hart idea is to try and prove these conjectures in a more straight forward approach with representation that allows the audience to stay focus.