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Doodling in Math class snakes and graphs (

This video was about doodling snakes and how it relates to graphs. Vi Hart showed us that when you draw and snake and you put the snakes head and the tail touching then you can create cool designs which deals with graphs.

9.999… reasons that .999…. = 1 (

This video was about how .999… = 1 is the same as saying 1/2 =0.5 because it has the same value. This reason is not a proof but it is to stay open minded where numbers that are different can have the same value. Vi Hart shows a equation in when you multiply by 10 and subtract x or .999… then divide by 9 you get .999….. She also shows us 9.999 rules of why .999….. equals 1.

How I feel about Logarithms (

Vi Hart talks about how algebra is just fancy counting where you are only counting +1 +1 +1 +1. Hart states that numbers are just symbols of +1. She says that when you subtract or have negative numbers they are +1’s that is going back in time. She says division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction is only counting in a fancy way. To in log you use a system time count, where you have a system that counts in a time sort o way.


The video I watched more then 3 times was: Doodling in Math class snakes and graphs. When watching the video I was a bit confused because Vi Hart was talking way too fast and she kept drawing many different pictures. I liked her theories and what she believes in and I like that she was creative. Her creativity and her drawings made me more intrigued to watch more videos because it was interesting to see her perspective of certain math topics.  I really enjoyed watching this video because it made me think about the designs snakes can make which I have never thought about before, it made me more open minded. I learned that when you draw squiggles is the same as making snakes where the two sides are closed, where you can weave and put on the finishing touches, weaving works out perfectly. Where it works for any number closed curved on the plane. I learned that drawing integrals gives you a picture of a rope which is part of knot theory. I also learned that when you draw a squiggle and you close the squiggle up and you color every alternate part, there will be no two colors touching in your shape and this will always happen with any squiggle you draw which is pretty cool. You can also draw squiggle and make interesting surfaces when you shade them in where you will have one edge and one side. I wonder if there was other shapes or drawings that you can draw other then a snake that give you a function on a graph?

I believe that as a teacher I need to get students to be more open minded and not bored by teaching them just facts and formulas and what to memorize. I would have to come up with ways to get students to think creativity so that they are able to come up with ideas. I will guide them to do this. I believe that this is math because the drawings relates to graphs and how graphs are, but it deals with math in a creative way. I don’t believe its teaching I think its something a person can think about when they see a graph or when they are drawing. This wont be work I will be doing in a classroom however if I were to teach students about graphs I will mention this to them so that they can find it interesting and so that they can discover for themselves the way graphs behaves.  This relates to Lockhart’s theory when he stated that math is an art, because in fact I believe it is an art, and Vi Hart uses her creativity and art work to prove it. She uses her imagination of doodling in class which you cant get when you are given a formula to memorize. She is using her ideas in a creative way and it relates to math. Lockhart was right about how teachers don’t really let students use their own ideas or imagination because if we were able to do this we will be like Vi Hart just drawing an putting out ideas. that probably no one else has ever thought of.