Number 19

From a standard 52 card deck what is the probability of five card hand having at least one face card?

There are 12 faces

and 40 no face cards

x>/= ( i was trying to write greater than or equal to since there is no typing symbol for both)

P (x>/=1) 1-P(o)

P(x>/=1) 1-(12C0)(40C5)/52C5


In the calculator you use the function button of nCr

So you calculate 12 (2nd button NCR) O then times 40 (2nd button down NCR) 5

which will give you 658008

divide that number by 52C5 (52 2nd NCR) 5

which will give you 2598960

when you divide the 2 numbers you get


you minus this number from 1


which equals .7468




3 thoughts on “Number 19

  1. You have a good setup and great talk-through for calculator users (which I think will be a help to students looking at it). Could you add some explanation for the formulas you use? It be a help if students knew a little about where they came from / why you use those formulas.

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