Question #7: A study group is to be selected from 5 freshman, 7 sophomores, and 4 juniors

A)   If a study group is to consist of 2 freshman, 3 sophomores, and 1 junior, how many different ways can the study group be selected?

B)   If a study group consisting of 6 students is selected, what is the probability that the group will consist of 2 freshmen, 3 sophomores and 1 junior?

 Step 1:                                         

Freshman=      5

Sophomore= +7

           Junior=   4


Step 2:

x=   2


x=   1

X=  6

Step 3:

(a)  (5C2)(7C3)(4C1)= (10)(35)(4)=1400 WAYS

Answer =1400 ways

 Step 4:

(b)   P (A)= (5C2)(7C3)(4C1) divded by 16C6= 1400 over 8008= .1748

Answer =.1748



4 thoughts on “STUDY GUIDE PROBLEM #7

  1. You’ve got the key formulas and steps here – good job! Could you add some explanation of what you are doing, and why, in each step? That would be a big help to students who are trying to figure out how to solve this problem. Thanks!

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