The Infinity Complex

Your first thought is, “what does this photo have to do with infinity?” But take a look at the seemingly infinite skyline. “But the picture is tainted with the buildings and makes it unfit to define infinity?” It defines infinity even more for that reason.

The concept of infinity can be a difficult yet simple thing to grasp. Its full of quirks, defies logic and wracks peoples brains. It isn’t something that can simply be defined. With it, several exceptions have to be made and it requires serious thought. What infinity is, is the representation of a sequence that goes on forever, and never stops at a finite number. Having a number system, it is its representation, past a google (1 followed by 100 zeroes) and even beyond googleplex (1 followed by a google of zeroes.)

Usually, an intricate conversation involving infinity could go on forever (see what I did there?) There are a few topics that come up with my nerdy friends however. One of these ideas include infinity/infinity. Is that simply one? Are they going to infinity at the same rate? Are there rates of infinity? All these questions are raised by that one little thought. It is seemingly impossible to determine, which is what makes the idea of infinity so complex.

Other ideas that rise is a number that is divided by infinity, really zero? The number gets infinitely small as the numbers get bigger but should that be considered? There always seems to be two different standpoints too. One is a theory on completion, such as if an object is 99.9999….% complete, the difference is so minuscule, (like losing a single cell in your body) that it can be utterly neglected. The other is that it is never truly zero no matter how many times you justify it. Regardless, it can be seen that infinity is more of a conceptual idea along the lines of philosophy rather than something that can be truly described.

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