Infinity by Mirza Bhuiyan


Infinity refers to something has no limit. First time I heard about infinite in my calculus one and that time I couldn’t accept the¬†existence¬†of infinity. ¬†As far as I knew before infinity doesn’t exist. For example, if there is infinity amount of numbers you can always add 1 to it right? So it’s infinity+1, if infinity did exist how can you add 1 to it? Another way to understand it is, if i want a glass of water and there is a line of infinity number of people in front of me will I ever get the glass of water? No. The same thing with a mathematics graph, if there is infinity before a¬†parabola¬†or a number, that number will never happen cus there’s infinity before.¬†Infinity¬†is just another way of saying nothing. Now I learned that infinity is something that not¬†measurable, has no boundaries and has no¬†ending. It is impossible for anything to have infinite mass or infinite energy.¬†Concepts of infinite things such as an infinite¬†‚Äėplane wave‚Äô¬†exist, but there are no experimental means to generate them. I took this picture from my laptop wallpaper and I found that as a good example of infinity. Infinity can be use in many section of¬†mathematics such as in¬†physics¬†it has widely used for many approximation.


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