Infinity–Fengming Tan


           What is infinity? Infinity is a number which is endless or uncountable. You cannot write, say and measure it. It keep growing and growing. This number can be very big or very small. The points between [0, 1] can be infinity, for an example, 0.000011232… A rational number, an irrational number or a real number also can be infinity. If you want me to use something that relates to infinity, I will use the sky and the sea. The sky and the sea are very large. I cannot measure them. I don’t know where the ends are.

          The first time I heard about infinity when I was very young. I think I was in third grade.  I learned more about infinity in my pre-calculus class.  Professor Shermack introduced to me. He taught me infinity is a very big number. You don’t know how many unit it is. When I did the limit problems, I might need to deal with infinity. At the very beginning, I couldn’t handle the infinity. After I understood the ideas, I knew how to do the problems, for an example; 1/infinity is equal to 0.

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