OpenLab Assignment #4: Getting started with WeBWorK

DUE DATE UPDATE 3/4/12: Because WeBWorK has not been available all weekend, your first assignment will NOT be due on Tuesday.  I will extend the deadline by AT LEAST 4 DAYS (possibly more, to be determined).  I will make this change official as soon as WeBWorK is up and running again.  Thanks for your patience.

PASSWORD UPDATE: The system automatically removed any zeros at the beginning of your password.  For example, if the last 4 digits of your socsec are “0305”, the system saved this as “305”.  Similarly, “0016” would be saved as “16”.  When entering your temporary password, leave out any zeros at the beginning.

UPDATE 2/28/12, 11:45AM:  The WeBWorK server was down overnight, but is now working again.  Apologies to those who tried to log in last night but weren’t able to!

WeBWorK is now up and running and accessible from on and off campus (anywhere you have access to the internet).  Your first assignment will be due on Tuesday, March 6th, and will cover the material from this week (Feb 27 – Mar 2).  In the future, you will have both a WeBWorK assignment and an OpenLab assignment each week – but this week, your only OpenLab assignment is to get started with WeBWorK.  Here’s what you have to do:

Assignment.  You must complete the following three steps.

Step 1.  Log in to WeBWorK here: .  I have created Usernames and Passwords for all students registered for my class.

Username.  If you have an account on the OpenLab, your Username for WeBWorK is the same as your OpenLab login (BUT the password is different, see below).  If you don’t have an OpenLab account, your Username for WeBWorK consists of your first initial plus your last name, all lowercase (for example, John Smith would have username jsmith).

Password.  Your temporary password consists of the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Step 2.  Change your password and update your email address.  To do this, select “Password/Email” from the main menu on the left.  Use whatever email address you like (I suggest using one that you check often)

Step 3.  Complete the first assignment, titled Assignment1-6.3ShellsAnd7.1Parts, by clicking on it in the main screen.

If you have any trouble — either with logging in, or with completing the assignment, post a comment here or send me an email and I will get back to you.

WeBWorK Tips:

  1. Click on a problem to see the details (the list of problems appears in the menu on the left).  Enter an answer and hit “Submit Answers”.  Don’t worry, if you get it wrong you can try it again.
  2. For definite integrals or other numerical answers, you can enter the answer either as a decimal, like 72.26 (round your answer), or as an exact answer, like 23*pi.
  3. For indefinite integrals or other algebraic answers, if you have the answer but you’re not sure how to type it in, try typing it and then hit the “Preview Answer” button — it will show you what it thinks you mean, and you can decide if you’ve typed it correctly.  For example, if the problem is \int 5\sin x dx, then you might type “-5cosx+C”.  Note that WeBWorK does not use backslashes (unlike \LaTeX).
  4. You can work on the problems in any order you wish.  You can do some problems now, and come back and do the rest another day (your work will be saved, as long as you submit your answers).
  5. If you want to print out a copy of the assignment, click on the assignment name in the main menu on the left, and then click the link in the main screen area that reads “Download a hardcopy of this homework set.”

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54 Responses to OpenLab Assignment #4: Getting started with WeBWorK

  1. jermin says:

    The link is not working for me….

  2. ymerej613 says:

    the link isnt working for me either

  3. darklor7 says:

    the site is down i think

  4. mmiltz says:

    not that i’m saying anything new, but … the site doesn’t seem to be working.

  5. Jonas Reitz says:

    Hi guys,
    I’d like to join the party, and confirm that the site is currently down. So sorry! Please be patient, and try logging in again in a few hours.
    Mr. Reitz

  6. jishan007 says:

    I used my open lab user ID and the last 4 digit of my social security number as password.
    But it’s saying invalid ID or password.

  7. Abdoulaye says:

    Hello, i think that webwork page is down again. I’m unable to load the page 🙁

  8. ximenam1123 says:

    Prof.Reitz I think that the page is down again.

  9. Jonas Reitz says:

    Confirmed — webwork is down this morning. Hang in there guys, and try a little later in the day.
    Mr. Reitz

  10. jeffreym says:

    yes i can confim that the not so reliable webwork is down “again”

    i will try again later….(the challenges of calc 2)

  11. mmiltz says:

    still down 🙁 how will i ever do this assignment?

  12. cthoma12 says:

    STILL DOWN Perfect excuse for no hw 🙂 jkjk

  13. shamonie22 says:

    I joined since yesterday and I just tried to log on to do some of the homework but the site is down.

  14. takther2009 says:

    I just tied it again and the link wasnt working….I clicked the link on step one… is it the right one?

  15. Jonas Reitz says:

    Hi everyone — WeBWorK is back up and working again (confirmed on Thursday, 11am). Give it a try!
    Mr. Reitz

  16. Jonas Reitz says:

    …and it’s down again. 😛

  17. Dear Professor, I’m sorry I thought the website was up yesterday, But I never actually logged on. I’m tying to get on right now and it is not working. I am going to do some problems in the book to try to keep abreast of the work, but it would be nice to have next assignment for webworks.

  18. mgrant says:

    Professor any luck with webworks?

  19. mgrant says:

    Professor webwork is up and working 🙂

  20. Its working pretty good and really helpful for practice all these problems. Splendid!!!!

  21. bettygeorge says:

    Hi professor,
    Webwork is up and running, I just signed up.

  22. Becky Jett says:

    On webwork, I’m stuck on #4……does that equation really work?

    • Jonas Reitz says:

      Hi Becky — it depends on what you’re using. The key idea is to integrate:
      2\pi r h
      where r is the radius and h is the height. You have to be careful when finding the radius, since we are not rotating around the y-axis. If you’re still stuck, write a reply and type in what you’ve got so far.
      -Mr. Reitz

      • Becky Jett says:

        what i’m having trouble with is finding the bounds. i’m literally stuck

        • Jonas Reitz says:

          Hi Becky,
          Usually we find the bounds by setting the two functions equal to each other, and solve the resulting equation. In this case, we need to multiply that equation by x on both sides, in order to get rid of the fraction — this should give you a quadratic equation, which you can solve either by factoring or by using the quadratic formula. Hope this helps — let me know if you’re still stuck.
          Mr. Reitz

    • Jonas Reitz says:

      One more thing – when you just have one function, the height h is generally given by that function, but with two function you must subtract (the larger minus the smaller) to get the height.

  23. endri says:

    webwork down again 🙁
    aghh…just came from work thinking ill finish this assignment now, but unlucky.
    we at least should get extra points for trying to do it ;p

  24. shamonie22 says:

    Webwork is still down…

  25. mrcpotter says:

    Been trying Webwork since this morning and it’s still down

  26. theozeng says:

    Professor, when will the site be up??

  27. Web Work is down right now…

  28. Jonas Reitz says:

    Confirmed – WeBWork has been down all day. Check back later tonight or tomorrow.

  29. kedeshia1111 says:

    Webwork is down……….

  30. jishan007 says:

    It’s still down. I have been trying since last evening.

  31. I think you should post the question on open lab for now, since web work is still down.

  32. darklor7 says:

    site is down i just check too

  33. Jonas Reitz says:

    Yes, webwork is still down! I will definitely extend the deadline — see my announcement at the top of the page.

  34. debitcard says:

    YES, it is finally working again.

  35. avald1046 says:

    I’ve been doing the WebWork problems, its an awesome way of getting homework done! Great method of assigning homework professor!!

  36. Karen L. says:

    its down again. only got to input 4 answers =\

  37. Jonas Reitz says:

    Hi guys — check out the OpenLab Assignment #5 for an update on WeBWorK.

  38. Fly Jay says:

    I really can’t log into webwork this is rather disheartening :/

  39. endri says:

    web is still down again? even in school days?
    come on

  40. Down, Down, Down again. Mad pain and little gain! What is the integral from zero to infinity of it’s not working?

  41. avald1046 says:

    I’m having trouble setting up problem number #4 which is to find the volume by rotating about x = -4 and the two curves y=12, y=x+(35/x), any tips on how to get started? My problem is that the second curve(y=x+(35/x)) goes out of the region.

  42. kedeshia1111 says:

    I am having trouble with putting the answer in webwork. Its correct and its telling me that its incorrect. Professor, i need your help !

  43. danytrueman says:

    Tip to solve some of the integration by tips called ILATE(inverse trigonometrics function,logarithemic function ,algebric function,trigonometric function and exponential function.those types should be your U and the other way around is your integral of dv

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  45. shawnnyboyyy says:

    I logged in. All set

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